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How can water be meals? Naturally we after all perceive that water is extremely essential for our our bodies, we all know that it’s. Water is the supply of life. We include about 70% water and have to replenish usually. Though it circulates across the physique, some disappears as urine and sweat and moreover water evaporates as we exhale. Our tears are additionally glowing water. So we understand that day by day refills are wanted. However that water is usually a totally different sort of meals, this can be tougher to understand.

Water Crystals

The creator of the books The Hidden Messages in Water and The True Energy of Water, Masaru Emoto, has with lovely pictures of ice crystals proven how water molecules are affected by our ideas, phrases and feelings. Water crystals are reworked based on optimistic or unfavourable ideas to which they’re uncovered. He demonstrates that water can have an effect on our well being by interacting with our ideas, intentions and prayers to reverse sickness.

Can water take in info?

How did all of it begin? It was when Masaru Emoto was supplied a particular form of water which miraculously reworked the ache in his hurting foot. His curiosity was aroused and he wished to proceed researching this and examine if and the way you might “program” water to have the ability to heal. How can plain water take in info? Info which makes it act in a particular method. And will you management this course of?

Masaru Emoto grew to become satisfied that water absorbs info and modifications its high quality based on the information it collects and wished to show this. Nevertheless, it isn’t solely water that takes in info and modifications its high quality. We people additionally absorb info which impacts us. Info that makes us peaceable once we look out over an attractive panorama; over the ocean, over inexperienced meadows and snow-capped peaks. Or once we hearken to lovely music and really feel lighter in our hearts. So while you speak about info being absorbed by water, this is identical info, that’s, the identical components which additionally have an effect on our our bodies and souls.

How may you then reveal that water modifications its high quality based on the knowledge it’s uncovered to? What technique might be used to scientifically show this? Masaru Emoto occurred to open a guide containing lovely pictures of snow crystals and noticed the headline that learn “Are there any an identical snowflakes?”. This led to attempting to show his assumption that simply as there’s not a snowflake precisely an identical to a different, he wished to point out that crystals fashioned by water molecules had been additionally not an identical. So when he discovered the tactic, a particular means of freezing water and particular person ice crystals which then fashioned, this lead him to his concept which might show that water absorbs info.

Completely different Waters

Clearly, there was a distinction between varied waters. Faucet water from massive cities comparable to Tokyo, New York, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and so forth. fashioned no crystals in any respect. Neither did waters from medium-sized cities both. Nevertheless, faucet water from some cities confirmed sure crystal formations, and when analyzing them it was discovered that the water truly consisted of about 60% groundwater.

Citrus Juice

Anthony William, creator of the Medical Medium series, writes that filtration usually removes all life from ingesting water and advocates including lemon or lime juice to the glass of water you must drink the very first thing you do within the morning (to flush out the toxins which are cleaned out) through the night time, so they aren’t introduced again the place they first had been). The citrus juice reawakens the therapeutic capability of the water. See the picture above exhibiting lemon water.

Not like faucet water, nevertheless, spring water is of course untreated water, which comes from a supply within the floor the place rainwater has been filtered by way of many layers (by Mom Earth).

Water Reacts To Optimistic Phrases

When Masaru Emoto and his crew did these freezing experiments on several types of water, each faucet water and spring water, it turned out that it was not solely the standard of the water that decided whether or not there have been lovely ice crystals fashioned. Fairly there was one other issue which amazingly affected the water. They discovered that once they poured an identical water into two bottles and wrote the phrases “Thank You” on one and the phrases “You Idiot” on the opposite after which froze them, then one thing outstanding occurred.

The water from the bottle with the “Thank You” label confirmed lovely hexagonal crystals, whereas the opposite with the “You Idiot” label solely confirmed fragments of crystals. He continued together with his experiments and located that water reacted to optimistic phrases by forming lovely crystals. As if it wished to point out its joyful, loving feeling. The crystals fashioned and opened up like flowers.

Likewise, when he used unfavourable phrases, this resulted in damaged and unbalanced crystals. So he appeared to have confirmed that the knowledge we give to water modifications its high quality. Whatever the language used. Water appears to accurately perceive the essence of what’s being proven, that’s, the sensation.

It didn’t reply to easy designs, however solely fashioned crystals when the phrase carried good optimistic info. May water be succesful to really feel the particular person’s coronary heart who wrote the phrases, he questioned.

As the standard of the water improves or deteriorates relying on the knowledge it’s given or uncovered to and since we people are made up of water to a big extent, it can be crucial that we assimilate good info. Once we do this, our our bodies and minds can change into more healthy. Conversely, once we absorb unfavourable info, we are able to get sick.

Noble emotions

So we clearly really feel a lot better when harboring noble, good and enlightening emotions within the physique. Emotions and feelings like happiness, gratitude, hope, honesty and so forth. Right here is one other feeling which arouses a lot good in us –  marvel. Surprise which might be derived from a colourful rainbow or an unlimited surroundings, or when an actual close-up of a flower.


Nicely then, what’s wonderment? In line with Lena Brorson Alminger, there could also be a measure of optimistic shock, maybe enthusiasm, however it’s extra inclusive than that. Maybe a heavenly feeling, one thing that may carry us from the worldly and mundane. Perhaps that our souls are shocked and we’re amazed by the universe, and the inexplicable and we marvel if there’s a deeper which means to all of it. When the small stuff is hidden within the huge, that’s when it turns into breathtaking. Magnificence is what creates essentially the most wonderment and for most individuals this emerges from nature.

In line with Masaru Emoto, Hado is a Japanese phrase for all of the refined vitality that exists within the universe. Every part that exists has vibrations or hado. Water is delicate to this refined however delicate vitality as a result of it’s this type of vitality that impacts the standard of the water and the best way through which the water crystals are fashioned.

Two Minutes

Crystals are created little by little and it takes about one to 2 minutes earlier than they’re absolutely fashioned; a bit like a blooming flower. From the time when the crystal begins to kind to when it disappears, takes two minutes. For Masaru Emoto, this symbolizes how valuable and useful life is. A small little one grows up, turns into an grownup and after maturity, she disappears and is dissolved. So for him, water displays life itself.

Masaru Emoto’s Final Phrases

Masaru Emoto’s final phrases in life had been “Arigato” (thanks). Throughout his lifetime, he used to say that “LOVE is a present from God and the dad and mom; and that loss of life is GRATITUDE for transferring to a brand new dimension ”. Love and gratitude.

Photos Of Water Crystals

Here’s a hyperlink to Masaru Emoto’s pictures of water crystals: https://www.masaru-emoto.web/en/crystal/. There you may see how totally different phrases, mantra, music and photos of flowers like lotus or animals like dolphins and so forth. have an effect. Additionally what the facility of prayers can do for water, with pictures each earlier than and after the prayers. One of the hanging crystals is from the phrases “Love and Gratitude”.

One other web site with lovely water crystals might be discovered right here: https://hado.com/ihm/water-crystals/. In pictures of crystals the place music has been performed for the water, they write “Perhaps it isn’t a person who listens to music, however it’s the water in man who listens to music”.

Are Our Our bodies Affected As Nicely?

My reflection then clearly is that if phrases, music and feelings have an effect on the water in a bottle, can they to not the identical extent have an effect on the water in our our bodies too? And the way does a physique crammed with water containing the potential to kind lovely water crystals work in comparison with a physique with water the place no crystals might be fashioned? Harmonious music towards disharmonious; optimistic environment towards worries; an attractive atmosphere near nature in comparison with cement / asphalt; lovely, forgiving, and uplifting ideas towards traumatic, accusatory and degrading ones. How does all of this have an effect on our our bodies in the long term?

We Can Management Our Ideas And Emotions

The fascinating factor is that the selection is all yours. You and solely you may management your ideas and thus your feelings. You’ll be able to select to thrust back unfavourable, worry-filled ideas and select to refill with, as usually as you may,  grateful, loving and affectionate ideas that evoke corresponding feelings. And once we suppose and really feel love, gratitude, and pleasure, does this not give us a chance to create a major distinction in our lives?


That is an excerpt from the chapter Water Is Additionally Meals from the guide Consuming With The Coronary heart by Åsa Johansson