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Just about every clean eater requires a speedy excellent protein supply on these days when life’s craziness is out of handle. For me, it is really hard boiled eggs to the rescue. Each and every egg gives 6g muscle-generating, hanger-squashing protein and only take about 12 minutes to cook to perfection – and if I meal prep eggs earlier in the week, it is just a lickity-split matter of grabbing a couple out of the fridge. 

Often, if my meal intentions have changed more than the course of the week (impromptu lunch invitations, traveling, post-Easter surplus, or just preference), I could have a handful of additional leftover really hard-boiled eggs waiting to fulfill their destiny. Verify out these Inventive Recipes Utilizing Leftover Tough Boiled Eggs:

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Creative Recipes with leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs - discover quick and easy ways to put together a quick lunch, dinner or snack with meal prepped eggs.


Turmeric Quinoa Egg Salad Spread from leftover hard-boiled eggs

Turmeric Quinoa Egg Salad Spread could be a single of my most inventive and tasty approaches to use up really hard boil eggs. The standard concept is a mash of really hard boil eggs with quinoa and Greek yogurt for additional texture and protein. Ahhh, plus the colorful healing advantages of ground turmeric. So significantly dietary winning right here. It is straightforward to plop a huge spoonful on a salad or spread on the toast of your option. Each and every serving has 125 calories, 15g carb and 8g protein.

12 minute Egg Pesto Pasta Salad

12 Minute Boiled Egg Pesto Pasta only requires 12 minutes to cook the pasta . . . but, you can trim it down to five minutes utilizing a prepared pasta, rice or entire grain (the type currently cooked up and in a shelf-steady bag). Zoodles or other vegetable noodles are a fantastic, speedy alternative as well! Then, toss warm pasta with pesto, child spinach and other fresh components you crave and top rated with sliced, leftover really hard boiled eggs. Nutrition count varies base on what your adding to the pasta toss, but try to remember – these really hard-boiled eggs are 6g of protein every single!

A southwestern inspired egg salad recipe is perfect for you next picnic. - TheFitFork.com

Cotija Corn Avocado Egg Salad adds speedy, scrumptious ole to your day – mainly because avocado tends to make Every thing much better, am I suitable?!  Hard boil eggs, corn, diced tomatoes, salsa, red onion, Mexican crumbling cheese and chunks of avocado mingle with each other in a creamy, south-of-the-border inspired dressing. Friendly for speedy salads, wraps, sandwiches and a lot more and a yummy addition to your lunch menu if you meal prep eggs.

Turmeric Egg-Cucumber Bites - keto snack, low carb appetizer

Straightforward Turmeric Cumber Egg Bites are best for your keto diet snacking with only 25 calories and significantly less than 1g carbohydrate per piece. Once again, with the turmeric which I employed in the sauce, but I adore this prized spice for it is anti-inflammatory properties and gorgeous colour. A healthier appetizer for any celebration (specially if you are acquiring tired of deviled eggs) or just a no-guilt snack among meals. Undoubtedly a inventive really hard boiled egg recipe – and a single I’ve been proud to share a parities.

Enable a girl out, share your inventive really hard boiled egg recipe tips in the comments – XOXO, Jennifer